Ellen Pearl Outreach Children's Charity

Reaching out to the children of Jamaica who are victims of abuse

Why Ellen Pearl Outreach Children's Charity?

The name was borne from the concept of ‘Contributing to the less fortunate in the country of our birth’. Although it is difficult to say exactly what ‘might have been’, many of us living abroad because of the great sacrifice and hard work of our parents to provide us with the greater opportunities available outside Jamaica, feel we should make a contribution to our country and leave a lasting legacy in honour of them: including Ellen – my grandmother, caring for us whilst Pearl – my pioneering mother came to the UK to provide a better future!

How then can we help the disadvantaged children of Jamaica? In the changing face of the world, we know that children are our future and what better way to outreach to the children of Jamaica than to listen to them. Children are said to be ‘seen and not heard’ but we must now listen and give children a means by which they can speak confidentially, non-judgementally and offer counselling and other support on any subject they may choose to discuss.

‘One of the many social ills confronting the nation at this time and threatening to undermine the very resilience for which our people are known, is the abuse of our children’ …. ‘… I shared my concerns for the safety and security of our children and young people and call for national collaboration at all levels to end the abuse which has left so many victims in its wake. I encourage support for community projects that would positively impact their lives and give them a brighter future’. (Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General of Jamaica, 6th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conf. 13-18 June 2015)

Hence The Ellen Pearl Outreach Children’s Charity was formed to outreach to the Children of Jamaica to give hope by “listening, counselling, educating and providing for their needs in order to help keep them safe from abuse”. This will be the first point of contact in a child’s ‘cry for help’. We aim to provide a service with integrity, transparency and sustainability.

– by Beverley Chung, Founder

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Our Mission

  • To provide a national free 24hr Jamaica Childline service manned by fully trained counsellors

  • Email and Web-chat counselling service for children on any problem whatsoever.

  • To work alongside a National Register of Services to refer children if necessary.

  • Visit to schools, youth clubs/centres and churches to inform on abuse awareness and to empower children to say ‘no’ and/or to report abuse.